Apr 13

Quality Administrator – Commercial

The Quality Administrator will implement and enforce the quality assurance and quality control policies and systems throughout the Commercial Business to certify the companies standard of quality across sales, projects and service. The Quality Administrator will manage the quality systems databases for SOPs, training, change controls, etc. The Administrator will work across the enterprise to work towards the business unit’s eventual ISO 9001 certification.


• Sound knowledge of ISO standards and applicable ZA and International Regulatory requirements.
• Understanding of process development methodology in industry, specifically with service industry.
• Experience with quality audits and audit hosting.
• Presentation skills, including administering employee training sessions and hosting customer quality auditors.
Main Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with entire team and establish a set of quality procedures.
• On-going management of Quality systems, processes, and procedures.
• Plan and conduct internal Quality Assurance audits. Coordinate, evaluate, and assist in developing action plans and follow up of quality issues.
• Facilitate client initiated audits. Coordinate and host audits and inspections. Respond to and develop CAPA (Corrective and Preventative Actions) for audit observations. Ensure that CAPAs are closed out in a timely manner and resolved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
• Lead business unit’s effort for achieving ISO certification. Meet with management team regularly to appraise it of the status of the quality and ISO compliance, including current problems and prescribed resolution.
• Engage in on-going communication with customers, acting as quality liaison to resolve outstanding quality issues, provide audit follow-up, and ensure customer satisfaction with the business unit’s quality systems.
• Enforce compliance with internal procedures to ensure that established quality and process procedures are being followed by the appropriate personnel at all times.
• Perform assessments and on-site audits of the company’s critical suppliers/vendors and internal suppliers.
• Review and approve process and QC documentation to release products for distribution.
• Manage Change Controls and administer Change Control system.
• Act as quality approver for documents requiring approval from a quality representative.
• Manage SOP system. Develop and implement requisite SOPs for ISO compliance and customer requirements.
• Manage and provide internal SOP and ISO compliance training. Coordinate training across departments. Maintain training database, and ensure that employee training records are up to date. Ensure new employees are trained on SOPs per specific job function.
• Ensure that appropriate records are properly controlled. Manage the proper storage and filing of controlled documents.
• Develop and manage quality management database.
• Act as in-house counsel for quality issues, providing guidance for staff questions and solutions to quality problems.
• Lead investigations of production/quality problems with manufactured products.


• A Diploma / Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in QA
• Two – Three years’ experience in quality assurance functions (preferably in a service-related industry).
• Sound knowledge of ISO standards and applicable ZA and International Regulatory requirements.


To apply, send your detailed CV via email to jobs@LRconsulting.co.za